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So after finding out that My Own Worst Enemy was canned after just nine episodes, I finally decided to watch that series premiere that had I had gotten through a thoroughly legal means. It wasn’t all that bad, but I can see why NBC made their decision.

You can only make so many ads of Christian “Broken Arrow” Slater slowly turning around with his hair flying about in the wind. That only worked with Uncle Jesse and ER (he had some fantastic hair on Full House). Plot-wise, there’s no logical reason to make a secret agent have a split personality just to keep his cover. Maybe governments like to do nonsensical stuff for fun. After all, the main tech guy in the show was playing WoW on a Minority Report-style screen for no reason. But their attempt to fool me into thinking Mr. Slater had a cool thumbprint scanning remote control was the worst offense. I mean, come on! Who are they trying to kid? Take a look at the evidence when compared to my Harmony 550.

The Thumbprint Scanner to Open Secret Doors! The Universal Remote to Turn on Your Home Theater!

So I have proposed a new title card for the series!

Published on November 16th, 2008

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