Sealhat, Xbox 360 Avatar Edition!

Hi, I’m Kevin. I am a no-longer-recent computer science graduate from the University of Maryland, College Park. I now work at a database marketing company in Maryland. Sealhat.com is my personal site, blog, and digital playground.

What is a “seal hat”? Actually, I write it as “sealhat” but it doesn’t really matter. It is quite simple, really. It is a hat that looks like a seal. Specifically, this refers to the movie Jackie Chan’s First Strike when Jackie buys a sealhat to keep warm. The name of the site doesn’t have much to do with what is actually here, but it is easy to remember. It also allows me to expand the site without fear of having an inappropriate domain name.

If you are looking for web hosting, check out A Small Orange (FYI, the referral link gives me a month of free hosting if you sign up). Be sure to use my exclusive coupons too! They are really nice people and despite the fact that their prices are a little higher than most that you randomly find on the Internet or in magazines (I’m looking at you 1&1!), you get much much better support. Their forums are also very helpful if you have any questions or problems. Oh, they also just added Ruby on Rails support, so I may experiment with that soon. In the case that you would like to donate money to me for hosting, you can donate directly through ASO.

Below is my Xbox 360 Gamercard:

BigSig Blue by ZaamIT.com

Published on January 27th, 2005