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Cosmo Kramer Chronicles in Mount&Blade   post a comment

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Mount&Blade Starring Cosmo Kramer

Looks like Kramer is up to some new antics in the the game Mount&Blade. Frozen has started up a new series of blog posts about his character named Cosmo Kramer.

Cosmo Kramer was born years ago, in a land far away. His father was a veteran warrior. As a child his family scrabbled out a meager living from his father’s wages as a guardsman to the local lord. It was not an easy existence, and Cosmo was too poor to get much of an education. Cosmo learned mainly how to defend himself on the streets, with or without a weapon in hand. #

See, if the Real Peterman Kramer had these skills when facing off against Bob and Cedric in “The Soup Nazi”, “The Sponge”, and “The Puerto Rican Day” he might not be in jail for making fun of a fat guy.

Published on February 23rd, 2010

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A Travesty of Epic Proportions   1 comment

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Remember my Nuttin’ But Stringz post way back when? They made it top the Top 5 acts of America's Got Talent! Unfortunately, they landed in third place while Neal “Meatball” Boyd landed in first.

Unbelievable! No one sings like that anymore. I think this Jerry-Kramer conversation from the episode "The Opera" sums it up pretty well:

KRAMER: So, what do you think?
JERRY: About what?
KRAMER: About the opera.
JERRY: Nah, I don’t wanna go.
KRAMER: You gotta go.
JERRY: I-I-I don’t like the opera. What are they singing for? Who sings? You got something to say, say it!
KRAMER: Jerry, you don’t understand, that’s the way they talk in Italy. They sing to one another. (Kramer starts to sing in bad Italian.)
JERRY: All right, all right.
KRAMER: That’s the way it was, you know. You listen to the language, its got that sing songy quality. It’s the language Jerry, the language.
JERRY: So why don’t they talk like that now?
KRAMER: Well its, uh, well its too hard to keep up, you know. They were tired.

We’re tired of your singing, Neal!

Published on October 4th, 2008

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TV Screencaps That Look Alike   1 comment

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I’m not sure why, but the television shows I watch look very similar…proof after the break. And, oh, the following picture has nothing to do with anything.

Balki turning Cousin Larry upside-down.

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